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Research Outcomes

This webpage presents a comprehensive overview of our research endeavors, highlighting impactful contributions across various academic platforms. Our work has been disseminated through esteemed journals, where we share cutting-edge insights and discoveries in our respective fields. Additionally, we actively participate in conferences, presenting findings that advance the discourse in our areas of expertise.

Furthermore, our research has been featured in reputable proceedings, demonstrating our commitment to sharing knowledge with the broader academic community. We also engage in workshops, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts in our domains.

In addition to journal articles and conference presentations, our research has culminated in book chapters, further solidifying our dedication to advancing the collective body of knowledge in our disciplines. Explore this page to delve into the specific details and impacts of our research contributions.

Journal Publications

This section consists of all the Journal Publications in reputed SCOPUS and Web of Science Journals as an outcome of Research Projects since 2019.


Conference & Proceedings

This section highlights only the major conferences and their allied publications/proceedings since 2017.


Book Chapters

This section highlights all the contributions in books and book chapters since 2019.

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